Life Ministries: It's about GROWING, SERVING, and ENCOURAGING

Growing into a follower of Jesus Christ is all about becoming like Him in all we do. The bible says not to find our pleasure in the things of this world, but to find our pleasure through what pleases God. Jesus Christ was the ultimate example of how to live a life that pleases God, and God's Word is the final say on what that looks like. So we're committed to understanding the message of the bible for every area of our lives.

Serving according to the bible is all about putting God's will before our own. I guess you could say "having our desires conforming to His desires." In a beautiful way, God has made us all unique and in so doing we have many different abilities that can be used in service to Him. Although service is about being selfless in our sacrifice, part of the Christian life is also the excitement in finding out what you love to do and then honouring God with that very thing. In serving, we mustn't forget the hope of others coming to know Jesus Christ through sharing our actions and words.

Encouraging is all about helping one another in our pursuit of God. As we become more like Jesus in our motivations and actions, it's great to know that there are others supporting and encouraging us in our growth and service. Being a true friend is about truth, integrity, and accountability, being there for the long run.