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We're so glad you stopped by our church website! If you are on this page, perhaps you (or your child) received one of the flashlights our church community was handing out.

As Christians, we wanted to BE a light this October 31st by being a friendly and smiling face for all to see! We hope you enjoyed some great candy and the flashlights we handed out!

We believe that Jesus is the light of the world and we strive to be like Him in all ways... loving, patient, kind, understanding, wise, and so on!

If you want to learn more about Jesus, one great website to check out is: You can also contact us at the church and one of our pastoral staff would love to speak with you, or you are always welcome to join us at one of our services, Sundays at 10:30 AM.

Thanks for stopping by the Calvary website, and God bless!