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To say that these are challenging times is a real understatement. On a worldwide basis all of us are scrambling to find a place of safety that protects us from a deadly virus while at the same time trying to continue our lives in as much of a normal way as possible. As a believer in Christ I want you to know that therein is a significant challenge.

Major events, like the current health crisis, remind us that we tend to become the products of our individual experience. Translation….What happens in the world today reflects in our lives for a long time down the road. So, how about an event that happened 2,000 years ago?

What is the carry-forward for today?

The Bible says that the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross was a terrible tragedy of monstrous human proportions. Yet, it brought about a tremendously positive impact that influences people to this day, and indeed will continue to influence us forever. Think about it this way. Something good came out of something tragic. If it had only been a death on the cross as a suitable substitution for our sins only part of God’s plan would have been achieved. But, it was far more than that. There was after all a resurrection….a new beginning in God’s relationship with mankind and a new day of relationship with us.

Years ago I remarried a couple who had previously been husband and wife, then divorced, and years later reconciled and wanted to be remarried. I will never forget that moment. Standing at the altar of our church and reuniting the relationship with their grown son and daughter participating in the service.

For me it serves as a reminder as to what Christ has done for us. It is the perfect time in your life, right now, to reunite with the Savior. It’s simple….just open your heart to Him right now wherever you are, and let Him come in…You don’t need to be an expert at prayer to do this, nor do you have to be in church. Just tell Him now that you want Him in your life today….

He is waiting for you.