Welcome to our Works of thy Hands Art Gala.

Due to COVID restrictions, instead of our in-house Art Gala, we have created a VIRTUAL TOUR for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Our God, the Lord of all Creation, created us in His image and gave all of us gifts and talents, and a desire to create. We are thrilled to celebrate the artistic Gifts and Talents of our Calvary Community Church family.

Follow the Guided Tour (by pressing the Start Arrow at the bottom middle of the screen) to become familiar with the layout of the gallery, and for an overview of all the items on display.       You can pause or stop this tour at any time to take a closer look at any items you want, by clicking on the piece displayed.  This will also give you more details on the artist and the medium used. Background Music is optional so just accept Audio if you want more ambiance then control the volume on your device. Royalty-free music from Bensound.com

We also encourage you to do a Self-Guided Tour by using your mouse and/or arrow keys to revisit the Art Gallery and all items of interest at your own pace. To go to an area of the gallery quickly just click on the corresponding spot on the "cross-shaped" floor plan overview at the bottom left of your screen.

Enjoy the Tour and be sure to invite your friends to visit as well. 

Click here to begin your Virtual Art Gala Tour